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POST is calling for submissions for our next issue.

June 21, 2013

post-logoPOST Magazine is a Melbourne based, free and independent architecture magazine. POST is both a print journal and online operation – hardcopies are distributed Australia-wide and are available for international order via the website.

While commercial architecture magazines publish buildings at their ‘perfect’ moment of completion, POST Magazine revisits these projects, focusing on issues of post-occupancy: how buildings and spaces are experienced and received, their unexpected uses or qualities, and their multiple lives.

Within POST, the voice of the passer-by, the architect-as-client, the international academic, and the long-term occupant are given equal footing, and are published alongside imaginative and provocative works that answer the post occupancy agenda.

POST strategically targets a wider readership than the mainstream architecture media by sourcing works from a diverse range of participants. We are dedicated to remaining accessible, widely available and free.

POST is currently seeking articles from interested contributors for Issue Four, scheduled for publication in November/December 2013.

Submissions should:

  • Be a maximum 2000 words
  • Address the POST agenda and ‘post occupancy’ focus.
  • Adopt a tone that is accessible to a wide audience
  • Be uploaded via the ‘submit’ tool on the POST Magazine website:
  • Be submitted as a pdf file. The front page should contain the name and contact details of the author(s) and a 300 word abstract. Where applicable, pdf submissions should also include indicative accompanying images or drawings. High-resolution images and editable format text files will be requested upon acceptance of submissions.

We encourage diversity of opinion and format and welcome responses from voices within and outside of architecture. Proposal submissions close Friday, 19 July, 2013. Potential contributors will be notified of an outcome by mid-August.

For more information please contact POST here.

NOTE: The closing date for submissions has been extended to Friday, July 26, 2013.


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