POST-Inhabitation – Atherton Gardens

POST installed a suggestions box in the Atherton Gardens housing commission. Here’s what the residents had to say…

October 1, 2007

What do you appreciate about your home/this building?

  • ‘The people who are working here are very caring.’
  • ‘The new renovated foyers’
  • ‘The people are nice.’
  • ‘The secretary’s company.’
  • ‘The refurbishing’
  • ‘Staff are good.’
  • ‘Staff are very helpful’
  • ‘Staff ’

What would you change about your home/this building if you had the opportunity?

  • ‘Change the kitchen’
  • ‘Kitchen’
  • ‘Too many Chinese groups- should only be one.’*
  • ‘Space.’
  • ‘In my flat I would have a spa and a balcony .’
  • ‘Softer, 2-ply toilet paper. Plasma T.V screen.’
  • ‘Make rules and make them [residents] go by them and don’t break the rules.’
  • ‘Groups should have their own storage’
  • ‘Ensure that the rubbish chute is always closed. When people leave it open, it smells/germs spread throughout the whole floor.’
  • ‘Bigger kitchens’

How could we make this building more comfortable for you?

  • ‘Put ramps up for wheelchairs and elderly who cannot get up the stairs.’
  • ‘More chairs and storage for every group to put their stock in after cooking or entertainment’
  • ‘More entertainment’
  • ‘Better security’
  • ‘More chairs’
  • ‘Stop the smoking and drinking, put a camera in to catch them’
  • ‘Give me my own key and bed to sleep in the community hall’
  • ‘New paint job, more space’
  • ‘Newer kitchens, more modern’
  • ‘More storage’
  • ‘Bigger stove and cupboard room’
  • ‘Make bigger toilets space’

Any other comments:

  • “Would like to see this rule – if you smoke you get in trouble.”
  • “Still a lot of work – renovations need to be done, especially in the community room/hall in 140 building.”
  • “Too many groups.”
  • “Too many Chinese groups, there should be only one.*”
  • “Free Pizza every Friday night.”
  • “Government has to listen to residents.”

* There is a large Chinese community on the Atherton Estate (approximately 20% of the population.) This comment refers to inter-community factional division rather than anything explicitly racial. Currently, there are efforts on the part of both the Atherton Gardens Residents Association and the Chinese Federation of Victoria to amalgamate the seven Chinese incorporated organisations into one larger cohesive community.

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