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POST Magazine joins the London Festival of Architecture at the V&A June-July, 2014



POST Magazine Issue 04 Public Launch, March 2014




POST exhibited in the Reading Room as part of Melbourne Now, at the NGV Australia

Showing until March 23, 2014


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POST joins the Archizines World Tour, 2013


In 2013, POST joined the Archizines World Tour at the RMIT Design Hub in Melbourne, having since been exhibited at the Australian Centre for Design, Sydney (AU); UCLA, LA (USA); Buenos Aires (AR); Vitra Design Museum (DE); Venice (IT); The Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Lisbon (PT); Chicago (USA); Istanbul (TR); Michigan (USA); Guadalajara (MEX); and Shanghai (CN)

POST is included in the Archizines permanent collection at the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London


POST exhibited in Public Offer at the RMIT Design Hub Melbourne, 2013

Co-editor Jacqui Alexander participated in a panel discussion about independent publishing as part of the closing celebrations.

Bates Smart State Award for Architecture in the Media, 2012



In 2012, POST won the Bates Smart State Award for Architecture in the Media at the Victorian Architecture Awards. The jury for the award noted:

This engaging series of magazines provides a refreshing approach to the review of architectural projects. POST broadens the possibilities of architectural criticism and, simultaneously, opens up the idea of what post occupancy evaluation might be. Publishing a diverse range of voices – the person-on-the-street, the architect-as-client, the international academic, the long-term occupant, the employee – alongside polemical essays and imaginative works, they demonstrate the richness of architectural encounters. By publishing projects well after the ‘perfect’ moment of completion, POST reminds us of the long history and multiple lives of buildings, which continue long after the architect has left the scene.

Operating outside the constraints of commercial publishing has allow POST to challenge and circumvent many established publishing paradigms. This enriches both architectural and public culture.

The tenacity show by POST Editorial Team in pursuing this publishing venture over a number of years is admirable, as is their commitment to keeping the publication free. Current moves to widen its circulation beyond the inner city suburbs are to be commended.”